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Summer Sale Ends Soon! 50% Storewide!
Summer Sale Ends Soon! 50% Storewide!

IDOLPET™ Cat Cordion

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Does Your Cat Get Bored Easily?

Cats are always looking to play and sometimes you just can't seem to find the right toy. IDOLPET™ Cat Cordion is specifically designed to appeal to a cat’s natural predatory instinct, offering them a fun and stimulating way to play for hours.


Why A Cat Needs A Scratching Toy

Cats tend to destroy furniture and even puncture their paws when playing on rough surfaces, and is often bored when you're not home and no enemies to scratch.


Helps Relieve Anxiety

1 in 3 cats show symptoms of anxiety and stress that stem from boredom. By providing proper stimulation, the Cordion can help reduce stress levels in cats, making them happier and healthier.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Cats are naturally meant to be active. In fact, being lazy can lead to issues like vomiting and obesity. The Cordion can entice the chonkiest of cats into a full-body workout in a matter of minutes.